Why Do Comics Shops Struggle to Sell Manga?

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After the discussion about how American comics are losing readers to anime and manga, the next discussion that bubbled up was about one of the main players in the comics business ecosystem in N. America: the comics shops.

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Dear American Comics: Here’s Why You’re Losing Readers to Anime and Manga

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What is it about anime and manga from Japan that appeals to American fans? What does anime & manga offer that American comics and movies don’t give to them? See what an array of authors, comics creators, bloggers and fans had to say about why they love to read manga and watch anime.

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Video + Interview: Tsutomu Nihei at San Diego Comic-Con

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Read an interview with Tsutomu Nihei, the manga creator of sci-fi epics including Knights of Sidonia, Biomega, and BLAME!. Joined by Hiroyuki Seshita from Polygon Pictures, Nihei talks about how his art and storytelling has evolved over the years. Also, see a video of Nihei doing a quick sketch of a scene from BLAME!

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Food Manga Featured on NPR’s Hidden Kitchens

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Food manga and comics about cooking are the focus of the latest episode of The Kitchen Sisters Hidden Kitchens podcast on NPR. Find out why food is hot in comics in Japan

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SDCC 2016: Best and Worst Manga of 2016

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What were the best new and continuing manga series of the past year? See what an opinionated group of bloggers, librarians, retailers and comics insiders had to say about the best and the worst manga released over the past year.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Manga Translation: “MudaMuda” or “NoUse”?

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Translating Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is as challenging and unique as the manga. See what fans and manga translation pros had to say about some unusual series.

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