ALA 2014: 26 Picks from the Best & Worst Manga Panel

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From ALA 2014: See what an opinionated group of librarians and bloggers chose for the best manga of 2014 (so far), plus their picks for the worst.

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Eisner Awards 2014: 9 Picks for Your Consideration

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While there weren’t a whole lot of manga nominated in this year’s Eisner Award, there were still several titles that are worthy of your votes. See my picks!

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What Would Make Manga More Appealing to Comics Fans? + 24 Manga for New Readers

Posted by on May 14, 2014 in Featured, Manga Lists, News | 3 comments

What makes it hard for Western comics readers to get into manga? What would make it more appealing? See what fans had to say, plus 24 recommended titles for new readers.

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