New Manga Reviews: My Love Story!! Vol. 2, What Did You Eat Yesterday? Vol. 4 & 5, Manga Dogs Vol. 1

New Manga Reviews: My Love Story!! Vol. 2, What Did You Eat Yesterday? Vol. 4 & 5, Manga Dogs Vol. 1

After taking a much-too-long hiatus from manga reviewing, I got a gentle nudge to get going with it again, thanks to Brigid Alverson and Kate Dacey from MangaBlog. It’s all part of their new weekly feature they’re calling “Bookmarked!” — a set of short but sweet reviews spotlighting what’s at the top of their reading pile.

Kate reviewed the 2-in-1 print edition of All You Need is Kill (VIZ Media)Takeshi Obata’s (Bakuman, Death Note)’ manga adaptation of Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s sci-fi novel about a soldier who must fight fierce aliens  and die in the process, only to come back to life again and again on a seemingly endless loop. It’s been described as a mix between Starship Troopers and Groundhog Day, and its story was the source material for Edge of Tomorrow, a Summer 2014 sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. But does the manga live up to the other incarnations of this tale? See what Kate had to say.

What Did You Eat Yesterday? Vol. 5

What Did You Eat Yesterday? Vol. 5 | © YOSHINAGA Fumi, Kodansha

Meanwhile, Brigid took at look at the first volume of Barakamon, a slice-of-life comedy by Satsuki Yoshino (Yen Press) about a headstrong young calligrapher who gets set to a rural island community near Kyushu (Southern Japan) to cool off a bit, and perhaps re-discover why he does calligraphy at all. So did Brigid find it charming or irritating? See her review.

Now, haha, I thought I had written three “short” reviews for the three books I picked, but clearly, I had more to say than I expected. Go see my reviews posted on MangaBlog, and see what I liked and maybe didn’t like about:

My Love Story!! Volume 2 by Kazune Kawahara and Aruko (Shojo Beat / VIZ Media)

What Did You Eat Yesterday? Vol. 4 & Vol. 5 by Fumi Yoshinaga (Vertical)

Manga Dogs Vol. 1 by Ema Toyama (Kodansha Comics)

I’ll try to do more reviews, more often. But in the meantime — you can always see what’s been reviewed in the past in the Manga! Comics! Manga! Reviews section!

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