Video + Interview: Tsutomu Nihei at San Diego Comic-Con

Video + Interview: Tsutomu Nihei at San Diego Comic-Con

What did you do this summer? I spent a fair amount of my summer going to anime and comic conventions, and interviewing some manga artists, including Tsutomu Nihei.

I spoke with Tsutomu Nihei, the creator of Knights of Sidonia, Biomega, and BLAME! at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. I also spoke with Hiroyuki Seshita from Polygon Pictures, the director of the Knights of Sidonia anime series (seasons 1 and 2 are now on Netflix), and the upcoming anime adaptation of BLAME!, which will be available via NetFlix in 2017.

In this interview, Nihei talks about how his art and storytelling style has evolved over the years. He also described how he’s collaborating closely with the animators at Polygon Pictures to re-tell BLAME!, his first manga story, as an anime, with new art and additional story details that he couldn’t include in the original manga.

Read the interview at Anime News Network

Watch the preview clip of the BLAME! anime

As a little extra that’s not in the ANN interview, here’s a video clip of Nihei drawing a scene from BLAME! (I think) after my interview with him. It’s pretty amazing that he just whipped this up with no pencil sketching at all.

You can buy the new bigger and better Master Edition of BLAME!, available now in print from Vertical Comics, and in digital format from ComiXology / Amazon Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

Also available in digital format is NOiSE, the prequel for BLAME! NOiSE was originally published in English by TOKYOPOP, but is now available again via Kodansha Advanced Media, after being out of print for several years.

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