Twitter Dos and Don’ts: Social Media Tips for Comics Creators

Twitter Dos and Don’ts: Social Media Tips for Comics Creators

I use Twitter a lot to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world of comics, to have conversations with friends, to meet and talk with interesting people, and to share what’s going on in my world. But one downside to spending a fair amount of time on Twitter (especially if you write about comics) is that I often receive random tweets from people I don’t know, have never interacted with, mostly out of the blue, asking me to help promote their Kickstarter/IndieGoGo/Patreon campaigns, or read and review their comics.

Mostly, I end up feeling guilty because I either don’t have time to do check it out, or I feel uncomfortable vouching for something that I haven’t read or am not interested in, or someone that I don’t know. So I either apologize or I ignore those tweets… and feel guilty about it. But one day, I read an article that got me thinking about this… and this is where this Twitter conversation about social media dos and don’ts started.

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